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Athletic Programs

We are proud of our athletic programs and the positive impact they have on youth athletes throughout the Lowcountry. Our programs help cultivate skills like leadership, teamwork, and perseverance, while also promoting physical fitness and overall well-being. Join one of our programs to elevate your game!

The 20/20 Youth League

The 20/20 Youth League


The 20/20 Youth League grants middle school athletes a unique opportunity to take steps towards their goals to become HS and College athletes with our low-cost competitive basketball program. We aim to encourage, educate and equip our student-athletes with the tools to sharpen their basketball skills as well as prepare them for the future. Along with having organized and structured weekly games, The 20/20 League exposes student-athletes and parents to valuable knowledge to help improve their athletic high school and collegiate opportunities.

Holy City Fall Ball

Holy City Fall Ball


The Holy City Fall Ball is a competitive fall basketball league that aims to prepare local high school athletes and coaches for the upcoming season. Our league is designed to bring the basketball community together in a safe and competitive space. We believe that basketball is more than just a game, it's also about building confidence and camaraderie on and off the court. Join us now and be part of this exciting community!

Back-to-School Grind Session

Basketball Camps and Clinics


Our basketball camps are designed for boys and girls of all skill levels, led by a team of experienced and passionate coaches, our basketball camps offer players a chance to enhance their skills, build confidence, and take their game to the next level. This program offers comprehensive training in dribbling, passing, shooting, defense, and teamwork.


2024 Camp Dates:

April 3-5 

June 12-13

July 13-14

July 23-25 

Grind Session

Classroom Hoops


Classroom Hoops is more than just a basketball league; it's a holistic educational experience that combines physical activity, teamwork, and community engagement. By bringing parents, teachers, and students together, we aim to create a supportive and nurturing environment that benefits everyone involved.


Never Stop Working Elite Runs

Designed for high school basketball players looking to elevate their game and challenge themselves against the top local HS, College, and Professional hoopers. Hosted by Program Director, Coach Will Lee, The Never Stop Working Elite Runs provide a unique opportunity for high school athletes to face off against some of the best talent in the area. In addition to playing games, we focus on skill development as our athletes gain exposure to higher-level competition that will help them grow as a player.

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