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What is Student-Athlete Enrichment?

"Student-Athlete Enrichment" refers to programs, activities, and initiatives designed to enhance the educational, personal, and professional development of student-athletes.

Student-Athlete Enrichment Programs

We are committed to helping student-athletes navigate the challenges of  being a student-athlete and beyond. Our student-athlete enrichment programs includes mentoring, academic assistance, and student-athlete support groups, all of which are designed to build character, foster leadership skills, and create opportunities for success. We believe in empowering student-athletes, and our programs aim to develop their skills both on and off the field.

Student-Athlete Enrichment

The Student-Athlete Enrichment Program


The 20/20 Student-Athlete Enrichment Program consists of three focus areas: Academic Development, Athletic Development, and Personal Development. The mission of the Student-Athlete Enrichment program is to empowered youth athletes to become independent learners as they overcome academic challenges while excelling as an athlete through high level skill development. 

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Finding the balance to consistent success on and off the playing field is important to the success of all athletes. There is no individual who understands the unique challenges of a local athlete better than current and former Charleston athletes. AchieveU is a supportive community created by Charleston athletes that provides a safe and nurturing environment for youth athletes to grow, excel, and thrive in their athletic journeys. AchieveU encourages, educates and equips the participants with the tools to achieve beyond the game. 

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